The company is equipped with a full-fledged lab installed with state of art testing equipment. At each stage of the manufacturing process there is dedicated QC area to enable input, online and output testing. This helps to minimize the defects and to meet the customer’s specifications through a Total Management system.

Laboratory Equipment

WVTR & OTR Tester from MOCON

This is to measure the moisture barrier and oxygen barrier in the films and multilayer laminates which is important for select the appropriate films for moisture sensitive products and products which are susceptible to oxygen respectively

Gas Chromatography Tester from NIRA

This is to measure the solvent retention in the laminated films. This helps us maintain the traces of the solvents within the limits.

Vacuum Bubble Leak Tester

This helps us to identify the leakages in the during the pouching process.

Automatic Autoclave Retort Pouches

A fully automatic retort chamber helps us to test the stability of the retort pouches under different conditions as per the requirements.

Hot Tack Tester

This is to measure the ability of the films to test the sealing property. With the help of this we can achieves the desire speed of the packing machine by changing the poly recipe

Our Other Testing Equipment
  • Weighting balance
  • Bursting Strength Tester.
  • Weighting Balance for GSM.
  • Micrometer for thickness.
  • Opacity Density Meter- for Opacity.
  • COBB Tester-for paper Water Absorption Rate.
  • Dart Impact Tester.
  • Ford Cup (B.4 Type) for Viscosity of links.
  • X-Rite Spectro Densitometer for checking Delta values and Density of colors.
  • Anti Static Meter.
  • Barcode Scanner.
  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM) for bond Strength , Seal Strength , Tensile Strength & Elongation.
  • Coefficient of Friction (COF) Testing Machine (Static & Kinetic)

Compression Tester

TThis helps us to measure the ability of the pouches to sustain high pressure. In other words, indicates the sealing property of the pouches.

Research & Development

We have a team comprising of in-house quality personal with a vast experience of over 20 years in the field of flexible packing who are working closely with our clients for improving their existing packaging material and also working on providing new alternative and better solutions, which will enhance the value of their product.

Our recent developments include plain and printed Retort pouches, high barrier film for various applications such as wet wipes, snacks etc., composite films for hot fill applications, easy peel pouches and lids, vacuum pouches to name a few. Click to view

Our Manufacturing facility and R&D team are well prepared of any type of new developments. If we can be useful, we would be very glad to serve you in the development of new packing materials.