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Mission & Vision


“Our mission is to consistently supply flexible packaging solution as required for the customers’ products and to their satisfaction”




“Our vision is to be among the leaders of the flexible packaging industry in India and to consistently grow our presence in the domestic and international markets.”

Strengths- what sets us apart!

Team Work: A Family owned and managed business giving us an edge over others in faster Decision Making and proximity to Top Management to our clients.

Expansion and Growth: An installed capacity of 27,000 MT per annum and a sales turnover of USD 100 Million in 13 years.

People: An experienced and dynamic Management Team leading a dedicated and skilled workforce

Infrastructure: A state of art manufacturing facility with best in class quality control equipments.

Customer Focus - Personalized attention which helps us to meet our client's needs.

Flexibility- Our infrastructure helps us to meet all kinds of requirements ranging from Small to large requirements.