To actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate and aiming to spread across the globe. In doing so, build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society and raise the World's human development index. – SHREE GROUP

The enforcement of corporate ethics and compliance constantly work to improve educational programmes and strengthen our internal control system. At the same time, Shree Group purses initiatives related to quality management, environmental preservation, philanthropy and improved communication with all stakeholders.

Environmental Policy

    Shree Group to contribute to the development of a sustainable society, and is advancing initiatives to achieve a low-carbon, recycling-based society. While this Vision represents the company we aim to become by the 50th anniversary of our founding in 2024, our ultimate goal is to make lasting social contributions as a leading green company.


    Our Group is currently engaged in efforts to recover plastic and recycle it in other products. Such initiatives seek to reduce the amount of new resources required by new products. Our aim is to constantly be at the forefront of plastic recycling for its plastic recovery technologies, recovery volume and recycling quality. This section introduces our involvement in the large-scale recycling of high-purity plastic.

Our Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Assessment - Timely health risk assessments and biometric screenings help us identify and analyze personal risk factors.
  • Education and coaching -Through health coaching and classes, we encourage your employees to change their health behaviors for the better, improving overall corporate wellness.
  • Interventions -Our health specialists can support health risk reduction through wellness interventions focused on common unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.
  • Program consultation and review -We examine the aggregate risk burden and effectiveness of the workplace program and adjust specific elements to provide the greatest health impact and return on investment.
  • Standard and customized communication plans - Fundamental to a successful wellness program is engagement, our specialists employ communication strategies identified as best practice within different industries to help optimize employee participation and provide valuable updates.

Nurturing The Next Generation

    To pass on a hopeful future to the next generation, Shree Group strongly wishes that children will have dreams to pursue for the future, We will support their future though employee participating programs for children of diverse age groups, supporting Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) like Thalessemia& Sickle Cell Society (, etc..